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Simply Counseling's Group Therapy Sessions will occasionally vary, depending on the need for specific group therapy.  We will work to stay up to date with the offering of group sessions, typically 2 - 3 group therapy sessions a month.  All groups are closed, confidential sessions.  If you are interested in attending one of our group therapy sessions or need more information on a particular group, please contact us an we well promptly respond to your request within 24 hours.
Substance Abuse Group
Young adult, and adult substance abuse groups consist of 60 minute meetings in which Prochaska's model is taught and implemented.  Relapse prevention is also facilitated at this time.
Women's Support Group
Our women's support group is designed to assist women in becoming more confident, assertive, and happy.  This group will teach women how to build their self-esteem and better manage stress.
ADHD Group
Our ADHD Group is structured both as a support group and a behavior modification group.  Time management, organization, stress management, and self-esteem enhancement skills will all be taught. 
Group Therapy Sessions
Young Men's Group
Our Young Men's Group is uniquely designed to help young men make good decisions.  Please contact Simply Counseling for further details about this group.
Parent Support Group
Our Young Adult Support Group focuses on helping young adults make better decisions and will provide guidance as these individuals transition to adulthood.  Common topics such as self-esteem, college preparation, and self-awareness will be discussed.
Young Adult Support Group
Our Parent Support Group is tailored to support parents of children who have been diagnosed with a mental health disorder.  Psycho-education and support will be provided during these group meetings.